Braces and Aligners to Keep Your Teeth Straight


Orthodontics have never  been so advanced that today you no longer have to suffer wearing those metal braces that don't even look nice, but instead they have created invisible aligners that are made of clear and tooth colored brackets that uses NASA type wires and can easily be tightened because they are heat activated.  They also have come up with clear retainers where there is no longer need for wire braces.  Though aligners aren't for everyone, your orthodontist or dentist can help you deiced which is best for you.

Las Vegas orthodontist is there to correct your bite so they starting planning how to move your teeth so that they can be correctly aligned.  Aligners are for those that needs slight adjustments to move your teeth over the treatment time.  The materials used for aligners is clear plastic or acrylic material and they are made to fit tightly over the teeth, yet they can be removed if you need to eat, brush or floss your teeth.  Since they are removable similar to dentures, getting a new set every few weeks to continue teeth movement into a desired position is easy.

Braces made of ceramic or are clear type function just like the traditional braces without the ugly looking metal contraptions, and now they have a combination of choices by separating the band from the archwire.  In order to secure the archwire that fastens all the teeth together, the bands are attached to the teeth.  And for a purely aesthetic reason, you can now either choose what type of band to use and what type of archwire cord to exploit.  You should choose a translucent or clear band rather than a ceramic band if your teeth is light in color which is just one of the basic guidelines for choosing ceramic versus clear bands.  This also has to be complimented by either those white or color coated archwire or those frosted archwire. For further details regarding orthodontist, check out .

So now that this information has give you excited to visit las vegas orthodontist , you now need to know what you can expect in an orthodontic treatment.

Your first couple of visits may include a medical and dental history evaluation while casting or molding a copy of your teeth.  This includes taking a picture of your face and mouth and an x-ray of the your teeth and jaws.  This is all important so that the orthodontist can plan out the design and type of brace to use so that he can come up with the best custom made brace for you.

The active stage is where a treatment is already involved that indicates a regular visit for adjustments and following specific treatment requirements to ensure a successful treatment.

When the treatment is completed, the braces are removed and a new removable brace will be given for retention purposes.